Elite Facials

Full facials are 60 min. treatments except where noted. ($109.00 Guest /$79.00 Member or first visit except Microderm Deluxe and back facials) 

Image Smooth Facelift
The newest addition to Facelogic’s comprehensive anti aging toolkit, introducing a highly activated protocol designed to prevent and treat the signs of aging and environmental exposures.  Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and reverses the effects of cellular damage.  Promotes skin rejuvenation and leaves your face fresh and youthful.  Combine it with a decollete treatment and marvel at your transformation!

Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Facial
This facial incorporates a hydrating foaming cleanser and water-activated mineral heat mask to help rid your skin of any surface impurities and harsh environmental toxins.  A glycolic or lactic acid peel finishes off those suffocating dead skin cells.  Finally, we conclude the treatment with PTR’s skin nourishing Water Drench Cloud Cream, a deep penetrating hyaluronic acid treatment, as the coup de grace.  Perfect for dry and stressed skin.

Peter Thomas Roth  Un-Wrinkle Facial
Say goodbye to wrinkles! This treatment combines lactic acid resurfacers, an intense cocktail of anti aging peptides and an intensifying heat mask to promote cell regeneration, boost elastin and collagen, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This age-defying treatment will leave you with reduced pore size and looking years younger.  The PTR Unwrinkle Serum is one of the most advanced and concentrated formulas available on the market bar none!

Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Clear Skin Facial
Banish breakouts faster! This clinical facial offers a thorough deep cleansing with a gentle acne wash, calming herbal enzyme mask, acne busting sulfer mask, and a therapeutic facial massage. By utilizing medicated treatment products, this facial clears up acne blemishes and prevents future blemishes while gently exfoliating your skin and deep cleaning the pores.  You’ll come out feeling flawless!

Microdermabrasion Elite Facial
A non-invasive exfoliation treatment which helps to repair your skin by reducing the appearance of acne scars, cleaning clogged pores, and restoring a healthier smoother skin while helping to fight signs of aging and uneven skin tone.  You will notice an immediate improvement in appearance and tone.

Microdermabrasion Deluxe Facial
Experience multi-faceted clinical results with our new Microdermabrasion Deluxe Facial! This non-invasive exfoliation treatment helps to repair flawed skin by reducing the appearance of acne scars, cleaning clogged pores, and restoring a healthier smoother skin while helping to fight signs of aging and uneven skin tone.  The extra super exfoliation treatment includes a peel and a NuFace microcurrent toning treatment to obliterate stubborn impurities and tighten facial muscles.
70 min. treatment. ($129 Guest/$99 Member or first visit)

Eminence Organic Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Facial
Get all the benefits of a clinical grade peel without the down time with this new advanced facial system from Eminence Organic. Utilizing all natural exfoliating ingredients, including fruit-based acids and botanical peptides, the Arctic Berry Facial gently removes dead skin cells and restores dull skin without the unsightly effects of flaking or peeling.  Other clinically-proven benefits includes reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reduced appearance of pigmentation, and decreased inflammation resulting from acne or environmental pollutants.  Come experience the most advanced treatment yet introduced by the worldwide leader in organic skincare! Not appropriate for overly sensitive skin.

Eminence Organic Bright Skin Facial
Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and dark spots naturally with safe and gentle botanicals in this clarifying and lightening facial. Natural lightening agents Gigawhite and Hydroquinone Alternative Complex target uneven skin tone while stone crop and bearberry nourish the skin. Appropriate for all skin types.

Eminence Organic Calm Skin Facial
Suffer from overly sensitive skin?  No problem! Using products from the new Eminence Calm Skin collection, this treatment will systematically provide the following benefits: decrease redness; detoxify; reduce irritation; tones; softens and moisturizes.  Choose this facial to calm and soothe your stressed skin, leaving it moisturized and rejuvenated.    Especially helpful for inflamed, rosacea skin.

Eminence Organic Firm Skin Facial
Get glowing, youthful skin that boasts the appearance of fewer fine lines and wrinkles by selecting this treatment from the new Eminence Firm Skin collection!   Feed your face a luxurious diet of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins found in acai, blueberry, raspberry, and brambleberry.  Your skin will be plumped and regenerated to turn back the years while leaving you feeling completely nourished.

Skin Clarifying Back Facial
What’s good for your face is good for your back, too!  Check out our customized back facials which include the same great products and choices as our regular facials, plus a thorough Clarisonic brush cleansing.   Don’t neglect what you can’t see.  Let us work our magic on hard to reach areas of your body and come away refreshed and relaxed!  We guarantee you’ve never experienced anything quite like it.
60-70 minute treatment.  Priced from $49.