The Purpose of Promotions

Like any business, Facelogic engages in marketing promotions to get the word out about our fabulous services. In such an overheated retail environment, we always strive to stay visible on various platforms to build consumer awareness. Did you know, for example, that we have pages on Twitter and Facebook? Oftentimes you will find our latest announcements and promotions on these sites.

Another helpful channel we utilize is Groupon, an online service where vouchers are purchased at a discount. Groupon vouchers have been quite useful as a means of attracting new guests, which is the primary marketing objective. Our spa faces a challenge, however, when promotions become overutilized–that is to say, when policies governing their purchase and acceptance are willfully ignored. Nobody likes a good deal more than we do, but the fact is over-reliance by any one person does the spa a disservice because it deprives us of profitability. That’s just the bottom line.

From our perspective, here’s how to view Groupons and other promotions: they exist for your enjoyment but do not accurately reflect the market pricing that businesses put in place to keep the doors open. We encourage our Groupon guests to use these and other promotions sparingly, and not simply to extract pricing concessions from us but to perhaps consider them as a means of leveraging your purchasing power. Why not consider, for example, taking advantage of additional services and products that will enhance your skincare experience? This is, afterall, what we’re all about at Facelogic and will always be the guiding mission behind everything we do.