Some Thoughts About Shopping Locally

In recent years, consumers have gravitated more toward a shop local mentality, especially during the holidays. This shift in sentiment of course makes perfect sense: one way to express your Christmas generosity and appreciation is to support those local merchants who hire and spend their profits in such a manner as to bolster the local and regional economy. As a business approaching its ninth year (!) in the Greater Cleveland community, Facelogic is proud to be entirely locally owned and operated, and we absolutely do not send any portion of our profits out of state. We also are happy to report that our product vendors, without exception, do not conduct any research involving animal testing, nor do they engage in any exploitative labor practices that would make a conscientious consumer squeamish.  As a final thought this holiday season, our spa has a history of being a hate-free environment, accepting any guests no matter their ethnicity, immigrant status, or religious convictions. And you have my pledge that we will always remain so.